College of Information Technology - Computing Facilities

The department of technology is well furnished with labs, studios, and workshops. The following Infrastructure is available:

  1. One Computer Graphic Lab.
  2. Two Computer Labs: 15 PCs each.
  3. Design and Drawing Studios (Labs/ Studios).
  4. IT and Multimedia Section in the Library that has an exhaustive collection of books, Journals and databases.

 The labs/studios/lecture halls and equipment relevant to the programme that are currently available are as follows:



Labs, Lecture Rooms, and Studios


1 Computer Graphic Lab

15 I Macs and properly furnished

2 Computer Labs

15 PCs in each with software installed

1 Drawing Lab

Equipped with Technical Drawing tables and LCD projector

Two Small Classrooms

Appropriate furniture


4 Large Classrooms

Appropriate furniture

Large photography Studio

Dark Room, Storage Area, Classroom, and Exposure Studio

Casting Workshop

Working Tables and Sinks

Wood Workshop

Equipment and Tools

Printing room

Laptops, Printers, Scanners, 3D printing and Data Projector

Exhibition room/ area

Screens, Gypsum walls, Boards, Lighting, Rails



Books, Reading area, Computer cabins with WiFi for research