In keeping with its commitment to provide higher education to women, Royal University for Women offers financial assistance to eligible students. This assistance is available to students for whom access to higher education may be hindered due to financial constraints. Students availing of support through the financial aid programme are required to maintain a cumulative GPA throughout their course of study. Provision of financial aid is regulated through criteria determined by the RUW Board of Trustees.

RUW offers a limited number of financial aids at the beginning of each academic year.

  •  Applicants eligible for RUW financial aid must show evidence of having high academic standing in their high school grade. Only applicants with a high school average of 85% and above will be considered.

Note: High academic grades do not guarantee financial aid.

  • RUW financial aid covers only an approved percentage over tuition fees only.
  • RUW offers financial aid in the form of partial scholarships on tuition fees only depending on the written appeal and evidences provided.
  • The scholarship committee will assess each application on its own merit and make recommendations.
  • Applicants are required to follow the usual admission procedure by submitting all necessary documentation along with a request letter explaining their financial situation.
  • The Office of the Registrar will be responsible to follow up with the applicant and to inform the applicant regarding the final decision.