Frequently Asked Questions

1.        How can I apply to the University?

Applicants may download and fill in the application form available at RUW website and return by email or submit a completed application form with supporting documents directly to the Admissions Office.

 2.      What are the required documents for Admission?

  • Passport Copy (Minimum 3 months validity) colour copy is preferable.

  • Government ID (CPR or Smart Card) Copy.

  • Two Passport-sized photographs.

  • Medical Certificate from recognized hospital.

  • Evidence of proficiency in English (IELTS, TOEFL or RUW Placement Test).
  • High School Official and Original Transcript (10th, 11th & 12th Grade) attested by Bahrain Government.

  • High School Official and Original Wall Certificate attested by Bahrain Government.

  • High School Letter of Completion attested by Bahrain Government.

  • Equivalence letter from Ministry of Education in Bahrain.

  • Medical Certificate citing special needs (if applicable).

 3.      What if I don’t have TOEFL or IELTS?

Applicant must take RUW English Placement Test.

 4.      What if I get less than the required score in the placement test?

Students with a Placement Test score equivalent to the IELTS Band score of 1 to 3.5 will be assigned to EAS1 (EAS1 – English for Academic Success 1). Students with a Placement Test score equivalent to the IELTS Band score of 4 to 5 will be assigned to EAS2 (EAS2 – English for Academic Success 2).

 5.      What does LAR course stand for?

LAR stands for Liberal Arts Requirement. These are elective courses that aim at imparting knowledge and developing a student’s critical thinking and intellectual capabilities. 

  • Languages
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • History
  • Natural Sciences
  • Arts
  • Literature
  • Philosophy

 6.      How many colleges are there at RUW?

  • College of Art and Design
  • College of Business and Financial Sciences
  • College of Information Technology
  • College of Law

  7.       How many semesters are there in one academic year?

The academic year includes two semesters and one summer semester (optional).

 8.      How many subjects can I take each semester? And what about summer?

Students must take a minimum of (12 credits) and a maximum of (18 credits) each semester. A maximum of (9 credits) can be taken in summer.

 9.      Are the application fee and registration fee refundable in case of early withdrawal?

The application and registration fee are both non-refundable.

 10.   When is the deadline for submitting new applications?

Applications for Semester 1 will be accepted throughout the summer (June through August depending on availability).

Applications for Semester 2 will be accepted throughout Semester 1.

  11.   What is the MBA programme and how to register for it?

Please click HERE to view the details of the MBA programme