Centre For General Studies - Director's Message

Welcome to the RUW Centre for General Studies. We are looking forward to working with you over the next year to ensure your success.

A Welcome Note from the Director of the Centre for General Studies

Welcome to the Centre for General Studies (CGS). At Royal University for Women, we recognise the great importance of preparing our students for employability and the serious task of meeting the national agenda. Our mission is to guide our students in becoming independent and empowered life-long learners who are ready to effectively contribute towards building society. In our Centre, we strive to give our students the knowledge, skills, and strategies to think critically and keep evolving through constant learning — in the classroom and beyond. 

CGS prepares students to achieve academic excellence through expanding knowledge and potentials, developing their study skills, linguistic skills, and critical thinking skills, and promoting their self-confidence and independent learning abilities. Our students are immersed in a warm environment of a collaborative educational community solely dedicated to the pursuit and production of knowledge. We enhance their linguistic and communication skills in both Arabic and English, promote their global citizenship, and raise their awareness of human rights. We also help in shaping a well-rounded character and ensure a capability to voice and defend opinions by being exposed to a wide variety of liberal arts courses. In the English for Academic Success programme, we optimise the students learning experience by utilising authentic and appealing materials which cater to individuality and assure motivation, engagement, and autonomy.

In effort to enrich our programmes in RUW’s further growth towards a leading higher education institution which serves the region’s public and private sectors, we are continuously exploring how to expand our courses and extra-curricular activities. Moreover, CGS now proudly offers Pearson Professional Certificates and Pearson Soft Skills programmes. CGS is also contributing to the establishment of a stronger research capacity and culture and is developing strategic plans to support research training workshops, contribute to research resources, and host research plans and projects to bring RUW’s potential into fruition.

Dr Humam Elagha

Director – Centre for General Studies 

Associate Professor

Tel: +973 17764469