Human Resources

Welcome to the Human Resources Department at Royal University for Women. RUW is the first Women University and most acclaimed  institution of higher learning for Women in the Kingdom of Bahrain and GCC region. In the attainment of RUW’s mission of being a leader in academic excellence for Women by consistently promoting quality education, HR plays a vital role in employing outstanding and exceptionally brilliant employees.

People as the most important asset of the organization - are our priority.  Our employees as front liners of the University are provided with all the services required to support the attainment of the University’s Mission and Vision. As we form the backbone of the institution, we always strive to maintain and provide high quality and customer-driven HR services in order to attract, preserve and encourage a globally competitive, dedicated and diverse workforce.

HR is proactive, focused and responsible in building relationships of people that impacts successful organizational performance.  Moreover, one of the most compelling aspect of HR responsibility to exhibit support to employees, is to permeate every college, department, university project and programme.

Above all, at RUW, we provide equal employment opportunities to all its qualified staff members. We don’t discriminate, we want our current and future employees to grow and thrive with us regardless of culture, race, color, beliefs or religion because at Royal University for Women, we are united in a culture that strives towards excellence while supporting each other and impacting the world in any way that we could.

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