Achievements and Recognition


Since its inception in 2005, RUW has offered undergraduate and postgraduate programmes which emphasize our linkage with business and industry. 

Simultaneously, we emphasize a strong foundation of general skills and knowledge through carefully designed curricula which were conceived with the requirements of the Bahraini Labour market in mind. Even today, as at the time of its inception, the our teaching philosophy continues to be student-centered, innovative, and enterprising.

During our journey of excellence and achievement RUW has successfully gone through several Institutional Quality Reviews, Programs-within-College Reviews, NQF mapping and accreditation processes and received several awards and recognitions. RUW is the first university in Bahrain to be listed on the Bahrain National Qualifications Framework. Also, according to the HEC annual report 2015- Improvement and Development, RUW received a grade ‘good’ in HEC rating, which is the highest possible grade for a private university and, in the academic year 2016/2017, the university was the first private university to be accredited by Bahrain’s Higher Education Council.

RUW recently achieved the international accreditation (ASIC) and there are many other relevant achievements that the university boasts that truly make it the best private university in the kingdom where women excel. (Explore more Achievements)


University Recognition in GCC countries

- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

RUW recognised by the Ministry of Education in KSA for Bachelor Programmes; Further information can be found on the MOE official website at

- Sultanate of Oman

RUW recognised by the Ministry of Education in Oman for All Programmes ; Further information can be found on the MOHE official website at file:///D:/Downloads/Bahrain%20(1).pdf

- Kuwait

RUW recognised by the Ministry of Education in Kuwait for College of Business & Financial Sciences Programmes; Further information can be found at