Postgraduate Programmes

The College of Art & Design has two master tracks to choose from: Design Management and Fine Art in Drawing and Painting

The College of Business & Law offers a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) with two tracks to choose from: Banking & Finance and Marketing & Entrepreneurship


Royal University for Women offers a Master Degree in Drawing & Painting at the graduate level. This programme emphasis is placed on the development of originality, clarity, and studio discipline to prepare students for professional careers. By focusing on independent studio work, students are encouraged, with college assistance, to discover their individual forms of expression. The programme involves investigation into contemporary issues challenging students to find those critical ideas that will form their creative output. Diverse styles and attitudes are encouraged as well as both traditional and experimental methods of creating a body of work. 

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Postgraduate Programmes - MASTER OF DESIGN MANAGEMENT

The programme prepares students for employment in a wide range of design-related businesses that considers the classical role of design in business and the extensions of design field into the areas of design management and communication consultancy, design and advertising, corporate identity, project management, and other design-related services. 

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 The College of Business and Law (CBL) at the Royal University for Women (RUW) offers a 36 credit hours Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a unique focus in Banking and Finance and Marketing and Entrepreneurship. The objective is to further the cause of RUW’s commitment to women empowerment through education. The MBA programme is designed for graduate students and professionals wanting to enhance their career options and improve their business skills.The MBA programme offered by CBL seeks to provide students an integrated business education that fosters their personal and professional development enabling them to perform at the highest level in their chosen area of occupation. In addition, the MBA programme at RUW aspires to be recognised locally as well as regionally as a high-quality business education programme that produces well rounded business leaders and entrepreneurs.


The following are the desired educational goals we want our students to demonstrate on completing the MBA programme. These goals flow directly from our mission:  

    • Graduates will attain a broad knowledge and understanding of theories, models, tools and techniques in various business disciplines and apply this knowledge and understanding to business situations. 

    • Graduates will possess highly developed critical thinking, analytical and quantitatve skills that will enable them to critically appraise and seek solutions to varied business situations and challenges.

    • Graduates will acquire the necessary research skills to study business problems and conduct research work.

    • Graduates will develop the necessary employability and lifelong learning skills needed to be effective managers and leaders.


Why Join the RUW MBA offered by the College of Business and Law? 

  • The only university in Bahrain offering MBA programme exclusively for women.
  • RUW MBA tracks (Banking & Finance and Marketing & Entrepreneurship) are in line with the Bahrain Vision 2030.
  • RUW MBA programme gives you the opportunity to start your own business based on contemporary methodologies.
  • Evening classes catering to working women and women with special circumstances.
  • Collaboration with Industry to provide hands on experience.
  • RUW MBA programme will be delivered by experienced faculty with diverse backgrounds.
  • Duration of the programme is three semesters.

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