Social Worker

Social Worker 

RUW offers a variety of pastoral services. The social worker provides a comprehensive program of support services to assist Royal University for Women students in their adjustment to the demands of a University environment. Our services are designed to enhance student's educational experience by supporting their pastoral care. Our goal is to help the student grow in self-understanding and awareness, so the student will be able to better meet the demands of University life, and enjoy University experience. Students learn to abide by the Student Code of Conduct. Our services are designed to help students achieve their educational goals, learn the process of problem solving and decision making and learn to make full use of their potential for continued growth beyond their educational experience.  

The social worker helps explore any personal problems or concerns that students may be experiencing. Some common issues that bring students to the social worker include adjustment to University life, time management issues, confusion about life or career goals, identity concerns, relationship conflicts, depression or dealing with grief and loss. The social worker is prepared to deal with a multitude of issues or concerns and encourage students to identify personal goals and help them develop coping skills and generate solutions to current difficulties. 

Special Medical or Learning Support Needs

Students who have particular medical or learning support needs are requested to have their physician or specialist consultant submit appropriate information on a confidential basis to the Registrar. If a student’s condition is likely to require additional support, or impact on her academic studies, the relevant information will be shared at the University’s discretion with the appropriate staff, strictly on a ‘need to know’ basis. RUW will endeavor to provide appropriate support with limited capacity.

Report lost item!

Please check the below items found within RUW premises. Note that we were unable to identify their owners, in case you feel that your item is listed, please contact the university  social worker. She will  match your lost application details with the found item specifications.

• Watch • Ring • Bracelet • Earing • Necklace • Makeup • Sun Glasses • Sight Glasses • Latop Charger • Mobile Charger
• Laptop • Mobile • Tablet • Headphone • Calculator • USB • CD Writer • Bag • Wallet • ID Card • Bank Card  • Other Cards
• Passport • Pencil Case • Stationaries • Book/File • Cloth • Mug • Money • Key • Perfume

What if you found a lost item?
If you have found an item anywhere in the campus, hand it over to the social worker in the student center building.

For more information call:

Ms. Thajibah Aldoseri

Tel: 17764485