The University Library, in its new, improved, 21st century form, is even more vital a part of the University environment than ever.

Library Facilities and Services

·         Library provides comfortable and welcoming environment to all its readers for study and research.

·        Provides ready access to current collections along with subscribed databases and journals.

·       Borrowing facilities and services are available to all RUW students, faculty, staff and RUW board members.

·       Members can borrow these resources to take home:

o   Book

o   Recommended Reading Books

o   Multimedia

o   Reserved Books

The loan period and the overdue fine vary, depending on type of user and material.

 Fines are calculated only for days during which the Library is open. The fine for any single overdue item will not exceed BD 10/-. If the material is declared lost or damaged, a processing charge of BD 10/- will also be charged in addition to the replacement cost.

·       There are 28 Computers available with latest configuration of 23” screen for students and faculty to do their academic work, research and assignments.

·       Library provides  printing facilities on charged basis.

·       Photocopying  facilities- strictly from library holding are also available -on charged basis -  with in the copyright law only.

·       Library orients its students and faculty members in the beginning of each semester for better use of its services and collection, searching library catalogue.

·       As an important part of the Library's mandate, library keep organizing  workshops from time to time  enabling students to navigate and make better use of internet resources subscribed by the library or otherwise.

·       Besides this, library assists in acquiring  individual  ID,s  and  password  for the use of  anti plagiarism software ‘trunitIn’.



Library Hours

The main Library is open from Sunday to Thursday 8 am to 4 pm. Otherwise the Library Reading and Discussion Hall is open 7 days/24 hours with computers and Wi Fi  connectivity.

Library staff members are always available to give individual training sessions and to help students get started on a research project.

Research skills training, orientation and reference services

An important part of the Library's mandate is to ensure that students acquire the skills to find and use information effectively. As part of curriculum students are taught information retrieval and organization skills. They learn how to use the Library, how to search the internet for academic purposes and how to evaluate print and electronic resources. They also acquire skills in presenting their research results in proper academic style and producing bibliographies. Many workshops and training sessions are also organized for students and faculty.


Library staff members are always available to give individual training sessions and to help students get started on a research project.