College of Engineering and Technology

The College of Engineering and Technology aims at nurturing the knowledge and skills of young women with creative talents for Engineering and Technology.

Acting Dean's Welcome Message

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the College of Engineering and Technology (CET) at the Royal University for Women (RUW). The CET hosts two departments offering two undergraduate studies: The Department of Engineering offers a 5-year Bachelor of Science in Architecture, and the Department of Technology offers a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and Interactive Technology.  

At the CET, we strive to provide an enriching and comprehensive learning experience for our students with a particular focus on fostering a learner-centred approach that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative study. Interaction between students and faculty members is built upon respect, objectivity, and constructive criticism. At CET, we encourage evidence-based and user-centred approaches to solving problems uplifted by ethical practices. Moreover, students will be challenged with today’s world social, cultural, environmental, and economic issues in their learning while being provided with the best possible skills, tools, and knowledge.  

At CET, we are committed to continuously reviewing and updating our curriculum to address local, regional, and international trends and align with Bahrain's Vision 2030 and the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In line with the RUW Strategic Plan 2022-2027, the programmes will not be limited to local recognition, but we will be working towards seeking regional and international accreditation. Our faculty members, who hold PhDs from reputable international universities, are active researchers in their fields, and through continuous professional development, are committed to delivering the most up-to-date knowledge in engineering and technology to our students. Our facilities are state-of-the-art, with modern studios and smart rooms. Our Library is well-equipped with the latest resources and technologies giving students access to a large network of electronic resources.

On behalf of the College of Engineering and Technology, I extend a warm welcome to all our students and wish you a successful and fulfilling academic year. Let us work together to create a dynamic and inclusive learning community.

Professor Jean-Pierre El Asmar

Acting Dean, College of Engineering and Technology