Nomination and Election Procedures

All elections shall be by secret ballot

  • The Student Activities Officer will publish on the Council Web Site the procedures for nomination and election to be followed, together with the dates for each election. Elections will normally take place in the third week of classes.
  • The elections for programme Representatives and Faculty Representatives precede the Election for Student Council.
  • The Student Activities Officer will ensure that each Faculty has identified a Returning Officer and a Scrutineer who will oversee the collection and counting of ballots and report the results of elections for programme Representatives and Faculty Representatives.
  • All full-time students of the university who meet the criteria outlined in Section 6 above are eligible to run for one of the five Council Member positions. The Student Activities Officer is responsible for preparing a list of approved candidates who meet the requirements for office.
  • All registered full-time students are eligible to vote in the Student Council election.
  • The Student Activities Officer is responsible for the timely and efficient running of the election campaign.
  • Campaigning may include among other strategies, posters and speeches on election day.
  • The five candidates who receive the most votes shall be declared Student Council Members.

Election Day

  • All approved candidates will have the opportunity to present themselves to the whole student body in speeches on election day. The candidates are not allowed to include political or religious motives or personal attacks on other candidates into their campaign.
  • The Senate Subcommittee on Non-academic Student Discipline approves the list of candidates. It has the right to disqualify candidates. Grounds for disqualification are amongst others: low academic standing, disciplinary problems or any infractions against the Student Council Constitution, or the Code of Conduct. The names of all approved candidates for the Student Council will be printed on the election ballot.
  • Students may vote for up to five candidates - if more than five names are checked on a ballot form, the vote becomes invalid.
  • The election process is confidential. The Election Committee is chaired by the Dean of Students. She, the past president of the Student Council and the Student Activities Officer are responsible for overseeing the elections, counting the votes and declaring the names of the elected members of Student Council.
    • Members are voted in by simple majority
    • If a vote is tied, the candidates are asked, who wants to stand down
    • If no resolution is found, the vote will be cast by lot under supervision of the Chair of the Election Committee

Terms of Office

Student Council Members are elected for the duration of one academic year.

Election of Council Officers

Immediately after the Student Council election, the members and the ex officio members meet to elect the Officers of the Student Council Executive.

  • Any Student Council Member can let her name stand for an executive position.
  • Each Student Council Member wishing to run for the executive must state the position desired, describe her qualifications and outline her aspirations.
  • All Student Council Members vote for the executive positions and a simple majority shall determine the outcome.
  • The Student Activities Officer supervises the process and with the President and the Dean of Students approves the final appointments.