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RUW Community Engagement

The major objectives of Community Engagement in RUW is to provide channels and avenues to contribute to the community in the kingdom of Bahrain. Royal University for Women is deeply committed to be active , involved and supportive organization in the kingdom of Bahrain. Community engagement is a form of appreciation and social responsibility by being active members of the community. RUW Community Engagement Committee is the main entity that facilitate community engagement at  the university. The Community Education Committee is a standing committee of the University Senate. The remit of this committee is based on the University’s Mission and Vision and its Strategic goals. This committee will promote civic engagement through three focal perspectives:
i. Training and development
ii. Raising awareness of community and social issues and
iii. Enabling service opportunities.

The core objectives of the CEC are the following:

a. Define areas of contribution and service to the society.
b. Suggest academic training and research activities, which contribute to the development of the community.
c. Enhance social responsibility and provide civic engagement opportunities
d. Support awareness initiatives and promote them
e. Ensure adherence to the University’s community Engagement policy for all activities that fall under community engagement.
f. Assist in collecting feedback on community engagement activities and analysing the outcomes to ensure the quality and effectiveness of activities and services offered.

RUW Community Engagement Activities Database

2019/20 Activities 
2018/19 Activities
2017/18 Activities
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2015/16 Activities
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