Centre For General Studies - Entry Requirements

Welcome to the RUW Centre for General Studies. We are looking forward to working with you over the next year to ensure your success.

RUW's admission requirements are set at an international standard for both academic achievement and language preparation. When applying for the programme, you are given the opportunity to sit for a placement test in English language. This provides valuable information about your ability levels and how you would benefit from completing the English for Academic Success (EAS) Programme. The one or two term EAS Programme provides students with intensive development in English as a second language.

To ensure a fair a standardized assessment to determine the prospective students’ English language proficiency level and in order to place them in the programme according to their level and need, CGS is using Oxford Online placement test. Students who has no valid IELTS or TOEFL scores are required to sit for this placement test as part of the admission procedure (Read more).