Centre For General Studies - Course Content & Structure

Welcome to the RUW Centre for General Studies. We are looking forward to working with you over the next year to ensure your success.

The English for Academic Success (EAS) Programme is a preparatory one-year programme, which is assured by Pearson, UK and systematically develops the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for academic and personal success in subsequent undergraduate degree programmes at the University.

The English for academic success prepares those students who have not met the university language proficiency requirements for their undergraduate studies. The full programme is taught over two semesters (two levels: EAS1 and EAS2); however, depending on their proficiency level students may only need to take one semester of the course. Each level consists of to courses (Listening, Speaking and Critical Thinking, and Reading, Writing and Critical thinking).

Since the programme is holistic in nature with a communicative approach, the students have the opportunity to make use of knowledge gained to produce written and oral work, participate in class discussion, comprehend a variety of texts on familiar and rather unfamiliar topics and draw conclusions. Developing critical thinking skills is also an integral part of both courses. The EAS Programme takes place on-Campus where students are expected to mix with their peers in other programmes and participate fully in all extra-curricular activities.

Success in the programme demonstrates that a student has met the RUW English competency level required for admission to its degree programmes. Upon successful completion of the Programme, students will be awarded the Diploma in English for Academic Success assured by Pearson, UK.