Royal University for Women Launches the Degree in Master of Business Administration

21,Mar 2021

Royal University for Women Launches the Degree in Master of Business Administration

Royal University for Women (RUW) celebrated the launching of its new programme - Master of Business administration (MBA) in College of Business and Financial Sciences (CBFS), with attendance from Dr Mona Suri, Acting president, Dr. Arpita Mehrotra, Acting Dean, CBFS,  faculty members, Executive Leadership Team and RUW student representatives.

Dr Mona Suri, the Acting President, in her welcome address congratulated the college dean and college faculty members on launch of this new programme as it is aligned with the university’s goal to provide students with an integrated business education that fosters their personal and professional development enabling them to perform at the highest level in their chosen area of occupation. Dr Suri also emphasized that the RUW is the only university in Bahrain offering an MBA programme exclusively for women. She added that “RUW is well recognized and accredited higher education institution in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Gulf region and Internationally, with students from more than 15 nationalities studying at the campus. RUW aspires to make this programme recognized internationally as a high-quality business education programme that produces well-rounded business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Dr Arpita Mehrotra, the Acting Dean of the College of Business and Financial Sciences in her remarks thanked the university’s management for their support throughout the journey. She highlighted that RUW’s MBA will give immense opportunity to women to start their own business with contemporary methodologies. Dr. Arpita mentioned that the programme is robust, and industry linked which will prepare students for working and winning in the new global economy. The curricula prepare students for the growing business demand for actionable insights and predictive outcomes which will improve their opportunities for career advancement and success. The programme will be delivered by experienced faculty with diverse backgrounds and in collaboration with Industry to provide hands-on experience.

The MBA programme will be launched at RUW from forthcoming academic year from September 2021. It will be offered in 3 semesters and will include courses related to Banking, Finance, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, in line with Bahrain’s Vision 2030. The admission for this programme is currently open and applicants are required to have a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 2.3 or equivalent qualifications with good academic standing in the same specialized field or other areas related to the current programme of studies.

It is worth noting that RUW is the only higher education institution in the Kingdom of Bahrain that is solely dedicated to women empowerment and advancement through quality higher education. Offering of this MBA programme is another step in providing women in the Kingdom a pathway to success and excellence.

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