Residence Guidelines

The student is responsible for maintaining the good standard of the room, and repairs or replacements for any damages will be billed to her account

All visual material which a student wishes to display in her room has to be compatible with the values and culture of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and acceptable to her roommate and the Residence community.

Male visitors are not allowed in the Residence.

The Residence is a designated non-smoking area.

Alcohol and illegal drugs are strictly forbidden on Campus. Offenses will be reported to University management, and where necessary will be reported to the local authorities.

Selling and Solicitation in the Residence are not permitted.

No Pets are allowed inside the Residence.

Visiting hours are from 8 am to 10 pm.

Residents must be in the Residence by 10 pm on weekdays and by 11 pm from Thursday throughout the weekend and on public holidays.

The University takes no responsibility for loss of or damage to a student's personal belongings or valuables.

 A detailed booklet pertaining to all Residence rules will be handed to each student upon registration.