HEC Accreditation Information session

11,Oct 2015

On 11 October 2015, the Royal University for Women held an HEC Accreditation information session, in order to inform all staff of the accreditation process and to assign tasks to various groups. 
Professor Mazin Juma, president of the Royal University for Women, in his speech, expressed the benefits of this exercise for RUW and the importance of the involvement of all staff members in this process.
Following Professor Juma’s speech on the accreditation process, Mr. Parsa Zoqaqi, the Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit, explained the accreditation standards, the formation of working teams and the assigned tasks and the writing of the Self Evaluation Report.
Dr. Hala Elias, Dean of the College of Business and Financial Sciences, briefly explained the “ADRI Model”, as the model to be used in writing the Self Evaluation Report.
At the end, a question and answer session was held to address any queries or doubts that staff members had.