Royal University for Women receives HEC Accreditation

12,Feb 2017

With great pleasure and honor, Royal University for would like to announce the Higher Education Council (HEC) announcement in its meeting number 2017/40 dated February 09, 2017 and decision no. 2017/3/475 that the Royal University for Woman has successfully received the HEC Accreditation. With this great achievement, RUW has become the first private university in the Kingdom of Bahrain to obtain the prestigious Accreditation status.
This achievement will with no doubt exhibit the quality of education received by the students when applying for further studies or pursuing their careers. The accreditation process (Self Evaluation Report writing, site visit preparation, evidence categorization) was spearheaded by the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit and involved each and every member of the university.
Furthermore, eight teams were formed to lead the writing of the report. Team leaders were Mr. Parsa Zoqaqi, Dr. Mona Suri, Dr. Hala Elias, Dr. Janon Kadhim, Ms. Mariam Ameen, and Ms. Sameeneh Shirazie, with Mr. Parsa and Dr. Mona supervising two standards each.
Two site visits were conducted by an inspection team from the British Accreditation Council (BAC) in collaboration with the HEC. The first visit was for four days and it took place during the period 7th till 10thDecember 2015.
The visit consisted of extensive meetings with the University’s Senior Management, the academic management, a representative group of students, alumnae, and external stakeholders.
The second visit took place in May 2016 and involved interviews with faculty and staff and submission of additional documentation.  Following the accreditation announcement, RUW held a celebration ceremony on February 16, 2017 at the University premises, and it was attended by the Board members, RUW management and all members of staff.
The ceremony started with a speech by RUW president Professor Mazin Jumah, followed by a speech by Mr. Fahad Al Zamil, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
The achievement of the HEC Accreditation proves the fact that success is not an incident, rather a result of rigid planning and a consistent and collective contribution from each and every member of RUW. RUW is proud to have received this prestigious status and will continue to aim higher and obtain international accreditation. This is just a beginning!