RUW Students Meet the Acting President for a Question & Answer Session

03,May 2021

Royal University for Women (RUW), The leading university in Bahrain dedicated to the empowerment and advancement of women through higher education, organised a question & answer session between the university students and the Acting President with the attendance of the Acting Director of the Office of Student Life and the Director of Registration & Admissions.


Dr Mona Suri, the Acting President of RUW, stated that “This session came as part of the university’s goal of having a personalized approach towards the students for them to get the attention and support needed to succeed in their academic and extracurricular activities”. Dr Suri further added that “these sessions are conducted between the management members and the students on a regular basis to ensure continuous development and the excellence of the student body.”


The Office of Student Life (OSL) at RUW organised this session to ensure effective communication between the management of the university and the students and to give them the opportunity to provide their suggestions, recommendations, and concerns in a direct way. Students gave positive feedback regarding the availability of their advisors and the seamless process for online registration and online payment. The students also highly appreciated RUW’s agility and response to the pandemic and the quality of teaching. They expressed their pride in being RUW students and thanked all the faculty members and administrative staff for providing students with the best resources during such difficult times.


In Addition to the President, all Deans of colleges at RUW also hold sessions periodically with students at their respective colleges to seek feedback on academic and administrative issues. These face-to-face Q&A sessions between management and students provide students with an opportunity to voice their opinion that is followed up by the management in all sincerity. This year due to the prevailing conditions virtual platforms were used to have continuous communication with students.

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