Royal University for Women welcomes new students for the AY 2021-22

15,Sep 2021

As part of the university efforts in preparing students for university life, Royal University for Women held the orientation day event for the academic year 2021-2022 on its campus in Riffa which was attended by first-year students and their parents. The event was held according to the green level requirements of the Traffic Light System with the presence of the President of Royal University for Women, Prof Yusra Mouzughi, the Acting Academic Vice President, Dr Madina Hamiane and members of the university’s management.

The President of the Royal University for Women, Professor Yusra Mouzughi, welcomed the first-year students and their parents and expressed her joy for the return of student life on campus. Professor Mouzughi indicated that continuing higher education is a privilege and students need to embrace it  by working hard and participating in the university extra-curricular activities. She stressed the importance of engaging with the wider RUW through the committees, clubs, competitions, sports activities and opportunities to volunteer which will help the students to grow as an individual and becoming an active member of the society.

Moreover, Professor Mouzughi emphasised students on becoming role models starting with having pride in being a citizen of a country that supports women empowerment and advancement and belonging to a university that is dedicated to that through higher education and to carry the responsibility of reflecting these efforts and achievements to the world.

This was followed by presentations on academic content and student life, presented by the colleges and departments of the university, in addition to the participation of RUW Student Council members to talk about upcoming events and activities.

The orientation programme organized by the Office of Student Life at RUW continues for two weeks to provide the students with the necessary information about the university's procedures and the requirements of each college and programme.

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