Royal University for Women cooperates with Bahrain Student Funds Foundation to support students

21,Dec 2020

The Royal University for Women (RUW) signed a cooperation agreement with the Bahrain Student Funds Foundation (BSFF) to support the students who wish to pursue higher studies in the Kingdom of Bahrain but require financial support. RUW President Dr. David Stewart and Academic Vice President Dr. Mona Suri received the delegation of BSFF comprising of Mr Abdul Ghaffar Abdul Rahim Al-Kooheji, Chairman of BSFF, Mr Mohammed Saif, Dr Bassam Alhamad and Mr Mohamed Sayyar, members of a Board of Trustees at the foundation. The signing event took place at RUW campus in Riffa.

David Stewart hailed the foundation as a charitable entity who contributes to the society with its initiatives and its support to the educational sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He noted that such initiatives empower female students in Bahrain and provide them opportunities to excel in higher education without the concern of financial matters.

Dr Mona Suri expressed her pride in this agreement in which it will return to the young students with support and care needed for the pursual and continuity of their education and higher studies. She also highlighted that RUW offer our students a rewarding and challenging multi-cultural learning environment that cultivates strong, well-rounded personalities, encourages leadership, and builds character, social consciousness, and community.

On the counterpart, Mr Abdul Ghaffar Al Kooheji, Chairman of BSFF, praised the University and its role in educating and empowering female students and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to acquire leading positions in the society. He explained that Bahrain Student Funds Foundation (BSFF) is a specialised non-profit development and civil institution working towards the financial empowerment of Bahraini students wishing to complete their university studies through the service of the good loan at 0% interest, from which it will open the door for students to benefit from the quality of education offered in RUW through their charitable institution.

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