HR Services


The department runs the recruitment operations for Academic & Administrative staff  / personnel to provide competent staff in accordance to the needs of each department and College.  The department provides   career opportunities to candidates through the  Job Ads  maintained on the website.

Compensation and Classification

Compensation and Classification of HR  manages the pay policies & programs for all employees. It also  ensures that  all  staff positions in Academic & Administration  is  categorized  and provided with the appropriate  job description. 
Classification provides the proper category of a post based on the qualifications & experience through the established qualification requirements. This  clarifies the limitations of the post and improves the organizational structure as well as establishing new position and modifying a position.


RUW  values its  employees  as well as  their families and thus,  the university  provides  an appropriate  comprehensive benefit package to  full-time  academic & admin staff members and their  eligible dependents such as:

1. Employer Sponsored Benefits

2.Leaves of Absence

3. Wellness

All full-time staff members  are eligible to go to the gym and use the facilities for free.  RUW has instructors that assist staff members  to achieve good health and wellness.  Discount privileges  are extended  to immediate family members. A University clinic is  available  as well to attend to health concerns at work.

Employee Relations

Amongst  the  list of HR services, Employee  Relations  is one of the significant aspect of the HR department as it encompasses staff  performance appraisal, employment contract, disciplinary processes, grievance and workplace disputes. Performance Appraisal is carried out annually. Staff appraisal form is filled and submitted to HR. The staff evaluation covers a year of job performance.

Training & Development

Part HR Department objectives is to  offer employees continual learning process as it is vital to each staff’s employment in RUW. Training & Development programs are offered  under TAMKEEN  and  likewise  RUW training initiatives are implemented.