College of Engineering

College of Engineering 

A Welcome Note from the Dean


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our newly founded College of Engineering, the newest addition to the Royal University for Women in its strive to provide outstanding learning opportunities and experiences to students from the all over the world.


The Kingdom of Bahrain, in its quest to develop a knowledge based economy, has been dedicating great efforts towards encouraging all activities and professions that lead towards this. In this regard specialized fields like STEM studies have gained great importance. In RUW’s quest to support the Kingdom’s Vision by providing outstanding educational opportunities for it students, it has launched its newly founded College of Engineering in AY 2017-18. This College will be the center for introducing various STEM related studies. As the college grows in the years to come we envision introducing many programmes in this regard studying the local and regional market needs and striving to bring the best programs to the region.

In this regard the College of Engineering has developed an outstanding collaboration with RUW’s strategic partner, The University of West Virginia (WVU), USA. WVU Civil Engineering program is located next to  RUW Campus. The programme was launched at RUW campus in October 2017 and we look forward to its continuous growth and development. This is an opportunity for you to gain a USA educational experience in Bahrain from a renowned American university with over 150 years of exceptional educational experience.

For further information about the WVU- Bahrain Campus I would invite you to visit the WVU-Bahrain Campus website (

 Furthermore, studies and plans are in progress to host other international programmes at the College of Engineering whether from WVU or other RUW international partners.

 While studying at RUW, I am sure you will greatly benefit from a well-balanced curriculum, great faculty members, extraordinary facilities, and a great over-all university experience which will prepare you for an outstanding career and profession.

                  Welcome aboard!


Dr Janon Kadhim

Associate Professor of Architecture, AIA Associate

Dean, College of Engineering