Dear Students

My heartiest congratulations on your acceptance to Royal University for Women (RUW). I am also delighted to welcome our returning students, both at Undergraduate and Master’s level, and welcome you all to this exciting Academic Year 2018-19. My role is to support you in accomplishing your academic and personal goals and provide a stimulating teaching and learning environment at RUW.

As we start another academic year, let us reflect on the many achievements from last academic years, including the honour of being the First private university in the Kingdom of Bahrain to receive HEC National Accreditation, International accreditation, to be listed on the Bahrain National Qualifications Framework and receive a ‘good’ HEC rating receiving the highest grade amongst private universities.  Further, RUW achieved and maintained the ISO 9001:2015, the College of Business and Financial Sciences programmes and College of Art & Design programmes for receiving confidence in Programme-within-College-reviews. RUW is truly a place where excellence is a way of life.

In collaboration with our international partners, we seek out new opportunities to equip our students with best practice solutions that enables RUW to lead with excellence. In AY 2016-17, RUW signed Memorandum of Understanding with Dar Al Hekma University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and University of Bangor, United Kingdom and is working towards effective partnership and is continuing to strengthen our relationship with our strategic partners West Virginia University, USA.  RUW are collaborating with West Virginia University to offer their Civil Engineering programme from AY 2017-18.   

We are proud of the fact that we provide a multicultural environment that promotes harmony and critical thinking. The students are coming from 16 different nationalities and faculty members from 17 countries. The faculty members are professionals with vast experience in their areas of specializations. As per our commitment to enhance the teaching and learning experience at RUW from AY 2017-18 the revised curriculum in all colleges for all academic programmes was implemented. The curriculum revision is one way of ensuring currency of the programmes. Please keep yourselves updated with the information which is available in the Programme handbooks and RUW website.

I would also like you to reference your Student Handbook frequently to familiarize yourselves with policies and procedures related to Student life. Academic advising is integral to your academic aspirations in the university life. Each one of you is assigned to a faculty member for academic advising. If you have any query about any academic issue, please meet with your advisor. I encourage you to follow the study plans made by colleges, take summer courses and meet you academic advisors on a regular basis.

As our endeavour to make RUW a smart Campus in the near future, we use Self-service (the student management system), e learning and blended learning. I would like the optimal use of Self Service by you all. Also, please use your RUW email ID as all communication from the university will be done on that email. Attendance is another issue I want to emphasize. We at RUW follow the Attendance Policy and it is important for you all to attend your lectures and Studio classes regularly.

RUW is the first purpose build, ‘women only’ University and we are providing you with an excellent infrastructure in terms of classroom facilities, latest software, learning support and dorm facilities. Our mission is to enable you to make a mark for yourself and become competent and confident in your chosen fields through well-structured educational courses taught in an excellent learning environment and with the help of international faculty and a world class infrastructure.

I hope you have wonderful and fruitful years ahead at RUW.

Dr. Mona Suri,

Academic Vice-President