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Transfer Students

Credit Transfer and Exemption

When applying for admission to RUW, applicants may apply for credit transfer by completing the appropriate form at the Office of the Registrar and submitting this with the required documentation attached.

  • Transfer students may be granted credits for courses passed with a grade of ‘C’ or above from other accredited universities.
  • RUW will only accept up to 66% credit hours of a student’s specific major.
  • Students must complete the remaining credit hours towards their degree programme at RUW.
  • Transfer students cannot register for subsequent courses if their transferred courses do not meet the required criteria.
  • Credit transfer is done through faculty review upon approval of the Dean.
  • Transfer credits do not count towards the students Cumulative Grade Point Average, but appear as transferred credits (TR) on the official transcript and is counted towards the earned credits.
  • Transfer credits shall be accepted provisionally until such date they have been approved and attested officially by the HEC.
  • Transfer students must complete their transfer file and be awarded transfer credits before the end of their first semester with RUW.

Additional Documents for Transferred Students (If applicable)

  • Official and Original previous university Transcripts attested by applicable authority.
  • Withdrawal Letter or Clearance Confirmation from the previous university.
  • Course Descriptions of all the Transferred Courses (stamped by the Admission & Registration Office of the previous university).