Royal University for Women Announces Admission is Open for Second Semester of AY 2019/2020

23,Dec 2019

Royal University for Women Announces Admission is Open for Second Semester of AY 2019/2020

The Director of Enrollment at the Royal University for Women, Mr Sami Mohammed Daghash, stated

that registration for the second semester of the academic year 2019/2020 is still ongoing for students

who want to enrol in the Royal University for Women. Mr Daghash explained that both Bachelor’s and

Master’s degrees are offered at the university whereby students can apply to join electronically through

the university’s website or by visiting the Admission and Registration Office in the campus of the Royal

University for Women.

Royal University for Women provides students with the opportunity to choose from many programmes

offered for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The registration is still open for the following

programmes: Bachelor of Business in Banking and Finance, Bachelor of Business in Human Resources,

Bachelor of Business in Marketing, Bachelor of Business in International Business, Bachelor of Arts in

Fashion Design, Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, Bachelor of

Architectural Design, Bachelor of Law in addition to the Master’s degree in Design Management and

Master of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting.

The Director of Enrollment noted that it is essential to attach all the required documents when applying.

He urged the students to check on the information available through the university's website, where they can view the instructions, requirements and admission procedures for

new or transferred students. He added that the university is keen to respond to all inquiries immediately

through live chat service in the website as well as through the toll-free number inside the Kingdom

(80008900) and WhatsApp application through the number (38898800). Mr Sami urged interested

students to visit the university campus to meet the academic faculty and receive guidance through

academic advisory and to discover the high quality of facilities and services provided inside campus.

It is worth mentioning that the Royal University for Women is recognized by the Ministry of Education in

the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for undergraduate programmes and in State of Kuwait for programmes of

the College of Business and Financial Sciences as well as being recommended by the Ministry of Higher

Education in the Sultanate of Oman.