President's Message

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all new students to a promising year at RUW and discover new opportunities that will benefit you academically.

Since its inception in 2005, RUW has offered undergraduate and postgraduate programmes which enable links with business and industry. Simultaneously, it emphasizes a strong foundation of general skills and knowledge through carefully designed curricula which were conceived with a focus on the requirements of the Bahraini Labour market. Today, as at the time of its inception, the University's teaching philosophy continues to be student-centered, innovative, and enterprising.

RUW’s purpose-built campus and Residence facilities are dedicated to the education of women. As the first such institution in the Kingdom of Bahrain, RUW is proud of its Vision and ensures that its Mission is practiced in the class room by its international academic faculty.

RUW completed its 10 years of successful ‘journey of excellence and achievements’. During this period RUW has gone through several Institutional Quality Reviews, Programs-within-College Reviews, qualifications mapping and several accreditation processes.

In AY 2015-16, RUW was the first university to take the newly established HEC National Accreditation and went through the rigorous process and worked extremely hard and received excellent feedback.  Also, according to the HEC Annual Report 2015- improvement and development, RUW received the grade ‘Good’ in HEC rating, which is the highest possible grade for a private university.

All RUW programmes that were reviewed by the Quality Assurance Authority have received positive feedback, including the CBFS ‘Confidence’ rating for all three programmes for the second time in 2014. This is the highest possible rating which can be achieved in this type of review. Moreover this year CBFS has received validation of NQF mapping of two of its programmes.

The Bachelor of Law programme at RUW has been reviewed by University of Cambridge.

Additionally, in its pursuit of upholding quality and excellence, a feather in the cap was added as RUW became one of the first two universities listed on National Qualifications Framework.

RUW has also received accolades from Edexcel International for the Foundation Programme offered by the College of Art & Design and for the English for Academic Success.

In its administrative sector, RUW has achieved and maintained the ISO 9001:2008 Standard for Quality Management Systems since 2013.

In addition to this, the University is proud of its students who worked hard and won the competition and medals of their respective colleges and raised the flag high for RUW. The students performed splendidly in Bahrain Skills competition, GCC skills completion and in the debate with an international university.

The total number of Graduates up to this academic year is 803 students. To those of you who will graduate this academic year, I urge you to maintain your bond with RUW by joining the RUW Alumnae Association. Your link with this University should grow stronger as you step out into the professional world and apply the knowledge and professional skills that you have gained in the course of your undergraduate career at this institution.

Lastly, I encourage you to give the next few years of your student life the best of your efforts and energies. In all your academic and co-curricular pursuits, work with energy, focus and diligence. I encourage you also to make full use of the high quality health facilities available on campus which will enable a healthy and active lifestyle.


I wish you every success in all your endeavours.

Professor Mazin M. A. Juma'ah


Royal University for Women