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Master of Design Management - Program Details

Students choose a major from one of two tracks: Master of Fine Art in Drawing and Painting and Master of Design Management


For Course Descriptions, click here

Compulsory Courses (15 Cr. h.) as follows:

CourseCourse titleCredit hours
DMT 501Research Methods3.0
DMT 522Design Theory: Visualization and Application3.0
DMT 523Design Innovation and Entrepreneurship3.0
DMT 524Design: Creativity and Innovation3.0
DMT 525Human Factors Engineering3.0

Elective Courses 600 level and above from the following list (12 Cr. h.)

CourseCourse titleCredit hours
DMT 551Business in the Gulf Area: History, Law, and Intellectual Property Right3.0
DMT 552Contemporary Issues in Design Practice3.0
DMT 553Marketing: Advertising and Promotion3.0
DMT 554Design Leadership and Team Building3.0
DMT 555Strategic Design and Marketing3.0
DMT 556Marketing Psychology and Consumer Behavior3.0
DMT 557Applied Anthropology3.0
DMT 558Sustainable Practices in Design3.0
DMT 592Seminar in Design Practice3.0

Successful presentation and defense of DMT 599 Design Management Thesis research (9 Cr. h.)