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College of Information Technology

The vision of the college is to foster women's excellence and to attract them to technology related fields, by offering programs of international standards at a women's only educational institution.


Welcome to the College of Information Technology

Welcome to the College of IT at the Royal University for Women, Bahrain. The College of IT offers the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and is committed to preparing the students to succeed in the challenging world into which they will enter upon graduation. By achieving the College of IT learning outcomes, our students will be able to better communicate with the outside world and will be able to decide their role in the community and even as future leaders of their country.

We aim to educate women in the field of IT to become successful professionals in the field of IT capable of engaging with advancements in technology and adapting its achievement to the local and regional market. In order to offer our students a rich educational experience, the College of IT academics study and research continually to follow up with the latest developments and be one of leading educators in the region.

Our students benefit from the diverse cultural and intellectual climate of the RUW campus. In addition, the IT programme offer the students a wide range of options of IT courses. We endeavour to provide you with every means of support and the best possible working conditions, and to ensure that your time at the University is a rewarding learning experience. The College of IT places great emphasis on the culture of RUW, the quality of education and academic excellence for women. The success of our IT programme can be seen from the performance and the accomplishment of our graduates in the industry and higher education.

We are delighted to welcome you to the College of IT and we wish you all the best for your studies and your future growth in the field.