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College of Art & Design - Profile

The College of Art & Design aims at nurturing the knowledge and skills of young women with creative talents for visual art and design.

College of Art & Design - Profile

The College of Art and Design, is home to some of the most exciting academic programmes at the Royal University for Women RUW. Whether someone is interested in Art or design degree programmes, the Art and Design college and staff will help them achieve their goals. The programmes and practices are designed to meet international standards and to prepare the graduates to become leaders who are engaged members of their society, demonstrating initiative and life-long habits of learning and individual development. The College of Art and Design is divided to achieve the best for all students. The College of Art and Design is offering Programmes at both Undergraduate and Post Graduate level.

The Undergraduate Programmes are

  • Edexcel Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design
  • BA in Fashion Design
  • BA in Graphic Design
  • BA in Interior Design
  • BArch in Architectural Design

The Master’s programmes are

  • Master of Design Management
  • Master of Fine Art in Drawing & Painting

The Art and Design BA programme at undergraduate level offers three specializations namely Fashion Design, Interior Design and Graphic Design. The BA programme has been structured in a way that includes Foundation year in Art & Design and some basic design based courses like: Theory of Art & Design, IT for Art and Design and Media and Culture of design. Some other courses like Photography, Business simulation and marketing, are aimed to equip students with the fundamental skills needed for a business venture.

Fashion Design: The students who major in Fashion Design take a number of specialized courses spread over six semesters for a duration of three years. Through these courses they gain knowledge about Concepts of Fashion design and their application, Fashion techniques, Fashion Illustration, Garment construction, Pattern making, Applied design, Accessory designing and Catwalk presentation. Thus, they learn the fashion concepts from their inception to the final marketing. They are exposed to the fashion scenario, famous designers and their inspirations as well. The knowledge and skills they gain enables them to showcase their individual perception of Fashion Design. Also, through an internship programme and links with local and regional industry and organizations abroad, students gain experience in the business and commerce aspect of fashion. The Fashion Design programme prepares students for careers in the fashion industry. The students can join the industry at various levels: designers, merchandisers, and also as entrepreneurs. Graduates are committed and skilled professional practitioners who are capable of responding in an imaginative way to the changing needs of the marketplace.

Interior Design: The students who major in Interior Design take a number of specialized courses spread over six semesters for a duration of three years. Through these courses they gain knowledge about solving different problems in Interior Design, Interior Design Illustration and drawing, History of Interior Design, Construction and Technology, Computer drafting etc. The programme of interior Design is designed to meet international standards and to prepare our graduates to work as professional interior designers who are creative, confident and forward thinking.

Graphic Design: Students who major in Graphic Design do various courses in three years over six semesters. In Graphic Design studios, students participate in both formal and informal critiques, where they discuss their designs. Graphic Design combines art and technology to communicate with audiences. The students combine their culture and traditions along with the latest software to create a unique design. The students also learn to create vibrant and efficient communication solutions with the imagination of a designer. The graphic Design program covers typography, cooperate identity, photography, business practice, publication, websites, motion graphics, environmental design, and packaging and 3D graphics. This program gives the students the knowledge to be capable to practice what they have learned in the professional world. It helps them communicate and create suitable and powerful solutions to their work. The students not only learn about Graphics, but they are also exposed to the professional world through field trips, internships programmes, guest lectures, and workshops. From this Academic Year we are implementing the new B. Arch. Programme in Architectural Design.

Architectural Design: This programme focuses on a broad range of perceptions linking several common concerns like location, context, practice, building methods, materials, and most importantly the role of the architect. Today the architect is seen more as a collaborator in shaping the physical environment rather than the sole creator of a completed building. Architectural Design programme will enable you to develop your qualities and skills relevant for immediate employment. The Programme will also help the students to understand the methods of investigation and preparation of the brief for a design project and provide adequate knowledge of the Building industries, organizations, regulations and procedures involved in translating design concepts into buildings and integrating plans into overall planning. This will enable them to prepare for a variety of careers in future in research and teaching (to study Master, and Doctoral Degree).

From academic year 2012-13 the college has launched two Masters’ Programmes. These programmes offer the students an opportunity to pursue higher studies in Kingdom of Bahrain after completing their graduation.

Master of Design Management: The Post Graduate programme in Design management will enable the graduates in Art & Design to use new management approaches to manage design enterprises. In today's competitive world the professionals who want to approach design in a more organized fashion would be benefited from this Masters programme.

Master of Fine Art In Drawing & Painting: The Master of Fine Art in Drawing & Painting programme emphasizes the development of originality, clarity, and studio discipline to prepare students for professional careers. By focusing on independent studio work, students are encouraged, with college assistance, to discover their individual forms of expression.