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Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture

From this Academic Year College of Art & Design is implementing the new Bachelor in Architectural Design. 

Bachelor of Architecture - Architectural Design Programme

From this Academic Year College of Art & Design is implementing the new Bachelor in Architectural Design. This programme focuses on a broad range of perceptions linking several common concerns like location, context, practice, building methods, materials, and most importantly the role of the architect. Today the architect is seen more as a collaborator in shaping the physical environment rather than the sole creator of a completed building. In this programme a number of general and specialized courses spread over ten semesters. 

The category of courses taught include Architecture Fundamental Courses, Architecture Major Requirements, Architecture Electives and Major Supporting Courses and Liberal Art courses, as per NAAB (National Architectural Accreditation Board) guidelines.

An Internship course will help the students to explore professional practices in the field and final project will enable you to do a project from concept to final product using the theory and design learnt in the programme. Architectural Design programme will enable the students to develop their qualities and skills relevant for immediate employment.

The Programme will also help them to understand the methods of investigation and preparation of the brief for a design project and provide adequate knowledge of the Building industries, organizations, regulations and procedures involved in translating design concepts into buildings and integrating plans into overall planning. This will also enable students to prepare for a variety of careers in future in research and teaching.

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