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To be successfully admitted into a programme of study at Royal University for Women, kindly adhere to the below admission requirements including the necessary attestations;

English Language Requirement

As the medium of instruction at RUW is English, applicants must show evidence of a minimum level of English Language Proficiency. The following are examples of internationally accredited tests of English Language with the corresponding levels of proficiency required by RUW:

• IELTS overall band score of 5.5


• TOEFL: paper-based 513; or Computer-based 183; or Internet-based 65


• RUW English Placement Test overall band score of 60

Note: Prospective applicants who have not taken any of the above English tests will have to take the RUW Placement Test (Oxford Online Placement Test). The applicants can refer to RUW ONLINE ENGLISH PLACEMENT TEST GUIDELINES for more details.

Mathematics Requirement 

Applicants to the College of Business & Financial Sciences (CBFS) and College of Information Technology (CIT) programmes require Mathematics proficiency where applicants should have a minimum average score of 60% in mathematics subjects in grade 12. 

Applicants to the Architectural Design Programme should come from a Science track in High School and should have a minimum average score of 60% in Mathematics and Physics subjects in High school. Students who do not satisfy this criteria are required to take a compulsory LAR course in Mathematics in Semester 1. This course will be a prerequisites for (ARD 1011). 

Applicants to the Architectural Design Programme from Humanity or other tracks in High School will be requested to provide proof of creative skills, determined through portfolio, and interview. Upon admission they will be required to take a compulsory LAR Course in Mathematics that will be delivered during semester 1 and is a prerequisite for (ARD 1011). Students will be enrolled to the course based on their knowledge and skills evident from their grades in High school, Interview and portfolio.

General Application Information

Applicants applying from the Bahraini Curriculum or other schools must provide the following attested documents (for attestation guidelines please see the Attestation section below);

• High School Official and Original Transcript (10th, 11th & 12th Grade {last 3 years}) attested by Bahrain Government.

• High School Official and Original Wall Certificate attested by Bahrain Government.

• High School Letter of Completion attested by Bahrain Government.

• Equivalence letter from Ministry of Education in Bahrain.

GCSE, AS & A Levels Applicants

Applicants applying from British Curriculum schools must meet the below criteria;

• Having passed a minimum of two subjects at the advanced (A) level or four subjects at the advanced subsidiary (AS) level with at least a passing grade

• Having passed at least five subjects with a minimum passing grade at the ordinary (O) level


Local applicants must show evidence of having successfully completed Secondary Education or its equivalent in the Kingdom of Bahrain or overseas, attested by the Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Bahrain (MoE). 

International applicants must obtain a number of attestations on all official documents before or during the process of applying at RUW. Attestations are mandatory as they are required by the Higher Education Council of the Ministry of Education in Bahrain.

Government and private high schools of other countries should have their original high school certificates stamped by the following:

For GCC schools

• High School

• Ministry of Education of the issuing country

• Embassy of issuing country in Bahrain

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bahrain

For non GCC schools

• High School

• Ministry of Education of the issuing country

• Bahrain embassy in that country

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs in that country

• Embassy of issuing country in Bahrain 

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bahrain


Applicants to the graduate studies program are required to fulfill the following requirements:

• Applicants must have a bachelor degree with a GPA of 2.3, or equivalent qualifications with good academic standing in the same specialized field or other areas related to the current program of studies. 

• The applicant who has a university degree in a relevant field with less than GPA of 2.3 may have to complete prerequisite courses assigned by the relevant department.  

• If applicable, applicants’ work experience will be taken into consideration in assessing admission to the program. In that case, the applicant should be interviewed by the department to evaluate his/her past work experience and its reference to the content of study. 

• An applicant who has a university degree not fully relevant to the field of study may be accepted to register for graduate studies. The department may assign some of the prerequisite courses for the applicant to complete before registration to the program. 

• Evidence of English language skills with a minimum requirement being an IELTS score of 6.0, TOEFL: paper-based 550 or Computer-based 210; or Internet-based 78, or a score of 6 in the RUW English language test.

• The applicant who has less than these English test scores may have to complete a foundation English course (PMAD 500).

• Applicants for some programmes may be required to pass a personal interview.

Required Documents:

• Completed Application Form (available at the admissions department)

• Four recent passport-sized photographs 

• Passport Copy (Minimum 3 months validity)

• Government ID (CPR or Smart Card) copy

• BHD 30 /- Admissions Processing Fee (Non-Refundable)

• Bachelor and High School Original & Official Certificates (attested by Ministry of Education)

• Bachelor and High School Original & Official Transcripts (attested by Ministry of Education)

• Official wall certificate 

• High School Letter attested by Ministry of Education.

• Equivalent letter from Ministry of Education in Bahrain. (if Bahraini only)

• Experience Certificate (if any)

• Medical Certificate from recognized hospital

• Evidence of Proficiency in English (Certificate for IELTS, TOEFL or RUW English language Test).

• If transferring from another university you must provide the following as per the regulations set in the RUW Transfer section – 

• Official Withdrawal Letter

• Official Transcripts

• Course Descriptions

Transfer Students

For information on transferring to RUW from another university, please see the Transfer Students section.

Application Process

If an applicant meets all the above concerned criteria, you are welcome to begin the Application Process wherein you must supply the necessary documentation as well.

Some programmes may also require applicants to take an interview and/or submit additional documentation or portfolios.

All documents included with an application for admission become the property of RUW and are retained in the students’ file until graduation.

Contact Information

For any further information or assistance please contact the Admissions Office on;

Office Number

+973 17 764444 ext. 419 / 433



Working hours are Sunday – Thursday, 08:00 a.m. – 04:00 p.m.